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A big step forward

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Kilda and Adriana

All photos by Kathrin Simon

The first workshop done. There is now something to show of that which has only lived in our heads and our hearts. ‘let me sing you gentle songs’, the ballet now exists in its embryonic first stage.
The result of the initial four day workshop was presented 27 June.

Turid and Adriana

There are moments when you feel like the heavens are smiling upon you. This was such an event for me.
Turid Revfiem has made my text her own when she has created the movements that give life to my characters.

Adriana and Kilda

In Kilda Northcott she has found the most susceptible artist to present the choreography. Kilda does more than dance. She embodies my character Astrid totally. It was utterly moving to watch.

Rory and Adriana

Adriana Harper and Rory Fairweather-Neylan rose to the challenge of merging the choreography that they had rehearsed in advance of the workshop with the new music. An extraordinary achievement.

Peter Scholes

Sensitive to the pre-existing folk music and the Brahms sonata that forms part of the score, Peter Scholes has composed new music that is so beautiful and so moving that it was decided to have one piece performed with no dancing on stage.

Adrina finale

The next workshop is scheduled for 22-25 September. I will be in Europe then, participating only electronically. It will be hard, though I trust the artists implicitly. Can’t wait to see the results. And be part of the process to take ithis work to completion.