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Doors in Visby

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Doors are pregnant with meaning. We use them to shut out, and to shut in. They represent security. And oppression.
On this little island in the Baltic I think they are also a means of expression.

One afternoon wandering the streets:


Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

This small house in Visby is a gift. Not the house itself, of course, but this week when it belongs to me. Although it comes with no ties, it is provided by my Swedish publisher, Albert Bonniers Förlag, with the understanding that I should be writing. And everything here is conducive to this. It is so still and quiet that I find myself turning on the radio every now and then, just to check if the world is still there. The view is breathtakingly beatiful without being distracting. And just these last few days I have recieved two messages from readers prompting me to keep writing. One gift after the other, all pointing in the same direction. Towards my steadily shrinking manuscript.
What is it with me? How does my brain function? Or not, as the case may be. And, even more frightening, what will it take for me to focus and put in words what is already stored in my brain?