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I love Norway

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

A miracle has happened in Norway. ‘La meg synge deg stille sanger’ (Let me sing you gentle songs), my first novel, topped the national charts for months and for a time after the release of the second novel, ‘Taushetens konsekvenser’ (The consequence of silence) both books featured among the top ten.
It seems my novels have landed in the very best hands in Norway: a wonderful publisher, Vigmostad & Björke, wonderful book sellers and equally perceptive and wonderful readers.
The reviews have been extraordinary. One of the latest is by Finn Stenstad for Tönsberg Blad:
In this way is revealed step by step a tale that has connections with the nazis’ exterminationa of the Jews, a family chronicle related to the grand war novels with the inherent themes, while at the same time the pregnant meaning of the title develops into an existential central theme that concerns all aspects of the novel: the terrible consequences of silence. To sum up, a powerful, yes unforgettable novel.