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Life’s mysteries

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

How can it be that platform shoes are allowed to return? Again and again? Contraptions that absolutely restrict the wearers’ movements. Adds to, or creates deformities of the foot. Unsightly. Yet, they raise their ugly … well what? Platforms. About every twenty years or so they¬†sneak under the radar. Now promoted by people like Victoria Beckham. Together with hugely oversized handbags that are equally restrictive. And were they full, nobody the size of a the models would be able to even lift them. What happened to sling bags, back packs and pockets? Sandals and sneakers?

Do we never learn from previous mistakes? What are the underlying forces that make women make these choices? At the same time as we are finally dominating Law schools and other higher education? Do I see a conspiracy? No … But …

See for yourself which is the more attractive to look at:


Leaving Paris

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

It’s time to go. At first, it felt like such a long time, 12 days, but time has gone quickly. I have done very little, just existed. Watched and listened, like the magpie author I have become. I will miss the chairs in the Luxembourg Garden. The sound of French (that is just that – a beautiful sound – to my ear) and the breakfasts on the third floor in my unassuming hotel. While i sip my coffee and eat my French bread I pretend to read Le Monde. Then I go out for my morning walk and buy the International Herald Tribune …

The kindness of your nature

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011


This is what The Kindness of Your Nature will look like in New Zealand when it is released in October. A very beautiful cover, I think. It feels strange to see it and face the reality: it is done. Soon out of my hands. It has happened, at last. Looking back at last year, the writing of this book seems like a miracle. Out the darkness that surrounded me came a novel that I consider my most hopeful one yet.