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Starting again

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

So, here I am. A (nearly) blank screen. Lots of music. The characters have appeared, though their world is still largely unknown to me. But I have taken small steps to join them. Take their journey.

Here, in my little studio in Auckland, I have planted a lucky shoot. And I keep the rose that unexpectedly sprouted roots. I take it as an auspicious sign.

Click here to listen to Death Waltz with Adam Hurst . Sublime.



Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

I was just alerted that ‘Let me sing you gentle songs’ has now been released in Iceland:

√Čg lj√ļfa vil syngja √ĺ√©r s√∂ngva

Click here to visit my Icelandic publisher, Forlagid

Writers and Readers Festival in Wellington

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Back in Wellington. I don’t come often, but each time¬†I am reminded of how much I once loved this city. Now, I see it through the layers of history that has passed since then. With nostalgia and a little sadness.

But there is no sadness in the city itself. Quite the contrary, with the the buzz of the Festival. My two events take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am a little daunted by the task of chairing the session with Kate Grenville and Alan Hollinghurst on Tuesday. Firstly, because of the stature of both with such impressive literary records. Secondly, because these two authors have been on the Festival and media cirquit around the world and it will be a challenge to give something fresh to the audience. And to the objects. I know how tedious it can be to answer the same questions again and again. But there is a limit to new angles, of course. Perhaps it is a little like how it is with a novel: there are no truly unique stories, but there are unique ways of telling them. I am hoping we will be able to offer a uniquely Wellington session on Tuesday.

Click here to see the Festival program.