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Leaving the nest

Sunday, July 6th, 2014
Blackbird II 1970-1 by Colin Self born 1941

Blackbird II 1970-1 by Colin Self born 1941


Now that I am in the last stages of editing the Swedish version of my new novel, I skymingen sjunger koltrasten (The Blackbird Sings at Dusk), I go back through the many versions, and I am astonished to realise how long and painful the journey has been. Years of starting and stopping, meandering off into dead ends. But  always somehow returning. And here we are, at the end of the journey. Or rather, perhaps it is now that the journey begins. I am not sure how I feel. Somehow, writing this one has been so different from working with the other three. Or perhaps I have just forgotten, the way you do with child births. But I do feel particularly vulnerable letting this one leave. Letting The Woman in Green fade away, and allow the blackbird to take to the sky.  But it is time.


Brombergs, ISBN9789173376211, September 2014