An enchanted evening

When you go off to make a presentation it is always with butterflies in your stomach. You have no idea what to expect. A full house, or a handful of dedicated fans. Tonight was one of those special evenings  when everything seemed to come together. An audience of thoughtful, well-read active readers with interesting questions and comments. Thank you all: staff at Solna Library, and readers. It is always about the readers. Thank you. And a special thank you for the beautiful wooden blackbird!  One of the most considerate gifts I have received.

  1. Denice Says:

    Hej Linda,

    Jag hoppas sÄ himla mycket att du kommer med en ny bok snart. Har precis lÀst alla dina böcker pÄ tre dagar och helt förÀlskat mig i ditt sÀtt att skriva. Kommer det nÄgot nytt snart? Med vÀnlig hÀlsning,

  2. Linda Olsson Says:

    Hej Denice, HjĂ€lp mig med att tĂ€nka positivt. Jag arbetar just med en ny roman, arbetsnamn ‘En syster i mitt hus’. Trots att jag kĂ€nner starkare Ă€n pĂ„ lĂ€nge att det hĂ€r Ă€r en bok jag verkligen vill skriva, gĂ„r det vĂ€ldigt sakta just nu. Allt gott och varmt tack för ditt meddelande, Linda

  3. Denice Says:

    Jag lÀngtar otroligt mycket efter att fÄ lÀsa nÀsta bok. Jag arbetar i en bokhandel och rekommenderar alltid dina böcker till kunderna och kommer med störst sannolikhet kunna göra det Àven med din nÀsta bok. Tack för att du svarade.

    Med vÀnlig hÀlsning,

  4. Lisa Lambert Nicholson Says:

    I had an enchanted morning sitting on my VT porch with my head in shade and feet warming in the sun reading your Sonata for Miriam. I love the way you feathered in the details of the settings with enough room for imagination and the way it let me find my own resonance with the characters and story. It was very moving following all of the losings and findings and then holding the mysteries never to be seen. Thank you.

  5. Honghu(Linda) Says:

    Dear Linda,
    It has been some time that you have not updated this blog. We are looking forward to your news. Hope everything goes on perfect with you.
    Best regards.

    Linda from Nanjing, China

  6. lisa törnebohm Says:

    Just keep on writing Linda and believe in your strenght and wisdom! You are great. 🙂