French release

‘Au premier chant du merle’ (The blackbird sings at dusk’) will be released by my French publisher Archipel on February 10, 2016. It is already visible here and there … and the final cover design is great.

Je croise les doigts!


  1. Ann Widung Says:

    eller kanske
    Hej Linda!

    I have just finished your latest book “A Sister in my House” and I would love to give it to a friend who is French – Norwegian. Has that book been translated to either of these languages? Or will it be in the near future?

    Lund, Sweden

  2. Linda Olsson Says:

    Hej Ann! Tack för din fråga. Boken finns utgiven på norska,, och den kommer ut på engelska i USA, Nya Zeeland och Australien i vår. Allt gott, Linda