En syster i mitt hus

February 5th, 2016



At that difficult last stage. Manuscript submitted, have edited and incorporated comments, but still waiting for a final approval. The hardest time. Meanwhile, I listen to more music that features in the novel: Lluis LLach, ‘Bresssol de tots els blaus’ (The cradle of all blue).  And I wait, apprehensive, hoping for the best.



French release

January 10th, 2016

‘Au premier chant du merle’ (The blackbird sings at dusk’) will be released by my French publisher Archipel on February 10, 2016. It is already visible here and there … and the final cover design is great.

Je croise les doigts!


A sister in my house

December 21st, 2015

Still in Stockholm. It is warmer than ever. And very dark. No white Christmas.

A lot to write, but it feels good.

This time, we have a cover and we have a title, it’s just up to me to finish the manuscript.

A sister in my house

One Sister have I in our house,
And one, a hedge away.
There’s only one recorded,
But both belong to me.

Emily Dickinson




Au premier chant du merle

December 9th, 2015

Very excited about the upcoming release of ‘The Blackbird sings at dusk’ (I skymningen sjunger koltrasten) in France. The title will be ‘Au premier chant du merle’ and the book will contain a list of the music that features in the book. I love the care that my French publisher, Editions Archipel is taking. Very happy with the cover, too.

And here is some of the music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEMOkAW7y4Y


An enchanted evening

April 29th, 2015

When you go off to make a presentation it is always with butterflies in your stomach. You have no idea what to expect. A full house, or a handful of dedicated fans. Tonight was one of those special evenings  when everything seemed to come together. An audience of thoughtful, well-read active readers with interesting questions and comments. Thank you all: staff at Solna Library, and readers. It is always about the readers. Thank you. And a special thank you for the beautiful wooden blackbird!  One of the most considerate gifts I have received.

Another novel

February 20th, 2015

Ever so slowly, it is beginning to stir. I am tentatively calling it Two daughters by the aged stream, the title of an aria for two sopranos by Purcell. As always, the music helps.

Novel V cover images

On the road with the blackbird

February 20th, 2015

Time to travel again. Back to Europe. Sweden, Norway and Denmark. All to do with the release of my latest novel, The blackbird sings at dusk. 

Looking forward to being there, not to the journey.

kun_mustarastas_laulaa96268 solsorten_283473 I skumringen synger svarttrosten

The blackbird sings at dusk

August 18th, 2014

The Blackbird sings at dusk/ I skymningen sjunger kolstrasten


So, finally, the Swedish edition of my new novel, The Blackbird Sings at Dusk, in Swedish, I skymningen sjunger koltrasten is ready for release. The date is 24 September. For enquiries regarding release in other languages, please contact my agent, Jonas Axelsson, at Partners in Stories.

Here is a short exerpt:

’Den där ensamma lilla fågeln. I den där iskalla snön. Man undrar ju om den alls ska klara sig.’ Otto tystnade. ’Det här är …det här är helt enkelt det bästa du någonsin gjort, Elias. Och till och med jag tycker att jag kan förstå vad det handlar om. Man ser precis hur allting balanserar på gränsen, är så skört. Faktum är att jag tycker jag ser hur bilderna rör sig. Det är … ja, det är helt enkelt enastående. Men, också som du säger, så väldigt …  Ja, det är omöjligt att säga hur det kommer att sluta. Det kan tippa över åt vilket håll som helst. Och det känns som man inte kan vänta tills man får veta. Och samtidigt är det som om man egentligen inte vill veta. Det känns på något sätt ödesmättat. Om du kan förstå vad det är jag försöker säga. Den där lilla fågeln i blötsnön är så trasig. Det finns nästan inget liv alls i den. Men sen … ja, sen ser man ju att den ändå vill leva. Och på samma gång längtar efter att få ge efter. Och du får en att förstå vilken oerhörd kamp det är.’


‘That lonely little bird. In that icy cold snow. Makes you wonder if it will survive.’ He fell silent. ‘This … this is simply the best work you have ever done, Elias. And even I can understand what it is about, I think. You can see how everything is balancing on the edge, so very fragile. Actually, it is as if I can see the images move. It is …well, it is simply astonishing. But, also, as you said, so very … Well, it’s impossible to tell how it will end. It can go either way. And it feels like you can’t wait to know. And yet, at the same time you somehow don’t want to know. It feels fateful, somehow. If you can understand what it is I am trying to say. That little bird on the wet snow, so completely broken. There is hardly any life in it at all. But then … well, then you understand that is has a will to live. But also a longing to give in. And you make us understand the formidable fight that it faces.’



Leaving the nest

July 6th, 2014
Blackbird II 1970-1 by Colin Self born 1941

Blackbird II 1970-1 by Colin Self born 1941


Now that I am in the last stages of editing the Swedish version of my new novel, I skymingen sjunger koltrasten (The Blackbird Sings at Dusk), I go back through the many versions, and I am astonished to realise how long and painful the journey has been. Years of starting and stopping, meandering off into dead ends. But  always somehow returning. And here we are, at the end of the journey. Or rather, perhaps it is now that the journey begins. I am not sure how I feel. Somehow, writing this one has been so different from working with the other three. Or perhaps I have just forgotten, the way you do with child births. But I do feel particularly vulnerable letting this one leave. Letting The Woman in Green fade away, and allow the blackbird to take to the sky.  But it is time.


Brombergs, ISBN9789173376211, September 2014

Serious literature

June 26th, 2014

the goldfinch


In the July issue of Vanity Fair Evgenia Peretz writes about literature and critics in general, and the reviews of Donna Tartt’s ‘The Goldfinch’ in particular. The bestselling novel which received the Pulitzer Prize has been the subject of a variety of reviews – from over the top accolades to complete dismissals – ‘a children’s book’. Is Donna Tartt the new Dickens? ‘Just as a painter can be castigated by his contemporaries and still wind up the most prized painter at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a writer can sell millions of books, win prizes, and be remembered as no more than a footnote or a punch line.’


Click to read the article here: ‘It’s Tartt – but is it art?’

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